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★ ★ ★ Everyone please know that,
  1. We decided to recall some HSK Pro 4k orders before November 17, 2022. If you receive an email, it indicates that your product needs to be recalled.
  2. We need to use this method to count and record everyone's choices, and we need to ensure that everyone is not missed. We can't accurately record everyone's request by email. And through the reading requirements, you will find that you can use this method for free and do not need to spend 1 cent.
  3. Our recall is completely free of charge.
  4. Only one can be selected between Option A: resend and Option B: refund .  Please use discount code for Free:  Recall
  5. We do not need you return the old mouse, If you don't know how to deal with the old mouse, please come to discord for advice.  
  6. See the following table for the relevant order number.
  7. Some orders that have been processed will not be repeated for many times.

★ ★   Option A:  We will resend you a New Mouse, No need your return the old one.   Use discount code for Free:     Recall   
Everyone please know that,
   1. Resend the mouse according to your previous order, and the color can be re-selected. However, the order cannot be transferred.
   2. Of course, you can also choose HSK Plus, but we will not provide the price difference.
   3. If this is the first time you have purchased an HSK Pro 4k or HSK Plus 4k mouse, this page is not valid for you!
   4. After you agree that we will resend you a new mouse, no battery problem, we will not assume any responsibility and after-sales service for the HSK Pro 4K you purchased before, whether it is received or damaged.
   5. Click on the mouse you want to resend, enter the discount code before paying, and you don't need to pay anything.
    discount code:  Recall
   6. Your name, phone number and email address must be the same as your previous order, this is convenient for us to check..

Delivery Time:
 A week ago we got enough batteries from our previous suppliers. 

☆ The HSK Pro and HSK PLUS mouse with new battery will be sent out before 12-31-2022.

★ ★  Option B:  Refund 
★ Everyone please know that,
   1. After the refund is successful, we will no longer bear any responsibility for the product you purchased, including whether it is damaged or received, and we will no longer take any risk on the product.
   2. If your handling is improper, you should also bear the consequences.
   3. The mouse does not need to be returned, but you need to guarantee that it will not be sold, transferred, given away or discarded.
   4. Click on "Refund" option, and click "buy",enter the discount code before paying, and you don't need to pay anything. We will complete the refund within 3 days.
    discount code:  Recall

★ ★  Suggestions on mouse and battery disposal.
1. Please dispose of this mouse according to the local disposal method of waste electronic equipment in your country.
2. We do not recommend replacing the battery ourselves. If there is a problem, you are responsible for it.
3. If you are replacing the battery, make sure that the protective plate of the battery is not damaged. After replacement, observe the charging process to prevent safety problems caused by short circuit.
4. When discarding batteries, please do harmless disposal to protect the environment.

☆ Date: 16-12-2022
We provide one year after-sales service. If you encounter any problems please contact us.


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