Our love for computer peripherals began when we were in high school in 2011. At that time, we were a group of pure peripherals enthusiasts. Because of our love for games and peripherals, several classmates came together and set up a small club of peripherals enthusiasts in our school.

    In the university we got to know chip and other electronic components through a variety of electronic courses , and we slowly began to try a variety of small ideas.

    We really started to make peripherals products because we won good awards for our multi-function mouse and keyboard in the electronic competition in college. Because we all like to play games, we know more about which function and parameters are most needed in the game, and these are also the most needed things for peripheral products at that time.

    In 2013, a few of our students took out our own scholarships and set up a company in partnership, which is called JINGYUNMAKE now. At that time, in order to assemble our first mouse, we spent our spare time purchasing components in the electronic market, going to the second-hand market to buy IE1.0, IE3.0 and other models of second-hand mouse shells, and then designed and made our own circuit boards, sprayed our own shells. Finally, at the end of 2013, we produced the first batch of mouse developed by ourselves.

    Over the years, our original intention of making our own mouse for peripheral enthusiasts has never changed. Although we have encountered various difficulties in the process of research and development, we are very happy when we see that our products are liked by everyone. The joy of success can make us forget all our troubles.

    In 2017, our friend's wrist was inflamed due to playing shooting games for a long time, which made us realize that the era of lightweight mouse is coming. As a result, we began to focus on the lightweight research of the mouse, from the needs of players research to the appearance, structural design and circuit board design of the shell, and the chip selection, function optimization of mousepad, and so on. We began to integrate more of our own thinking and effort into everything.

    At the end of 2018, we completed the appearance and structural design of Skoll and Hati, and applied for appearance patent and G-Wolves trademark protection. We raised more production funds for the production of these two kinds of products through loans . After the launch of products, they have been loved by many players.

    We have also started the design and development of more and more lightweight products.

    We are a group of peripherals enthusiasts. With the tuition we have saved, we started our own business. Along the way, we have encountered rogue companies defrauding our trademark, extorting and slandering, as well as the attacks of counterfeiters making fake and inferior products.

    Although we have experienced ups and downs, our brand has finally persisted, because we always believe that our concept of making our own products for peripheral lovers is correct, which is also the reason why we have been encouraged to persist.

    We are a group of engineers who came out from the University. We are not good at commercial propaganda, and we are not willing to engage in messy things. We think blaming each other with rogue enterprises on the Internet is a waste of time. We hope to spend more time and experience on product development and give more and better products back to peripheral enthusiasts.

    No matter which country you come from, we hope that more enthusiasts of games and computer peripherals like you can join us and become a member of us to provide services and help for more peripherals fans. This is our story,an ordinary and down-to-earth story.