G-Wolves HSK Pro 4K Wireless Mouse

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★HSK Pro 4K Version ★


Pixart® PMW-3395




Zippy® 60 Million Clicks


L:73.7mm, W:56mm, H:29mm




Pcb Led or Software


650 IPS


400 , 800 , 1600 , 3200


~29 grams


Yes, (requires software)














1.0mm / 2.0mm


Windows, Mac, and Linux. USB port required


Paracord Cord (ultra-flexible)


Windows (7 or newer)


USB 2.0*


Optional (for more settings and options)




1 years

4K_Version_Software&Firmware(Original Version)
4K_Version_Software&Firmware ( 2023-03-22 )
4K_Version_Software&Firmware ( 2023-04-22 )
Software( 2023-05-12 )

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mouse is bigger and better than this site is

Came from the razer viper v2. This mouse is small I admit. The biggest disadvantage I have is my pinky kinda floats in space whilst playing. Besides that, the website and software are the next weakest points. The website I'm writing this on even looks pretty bad, y'all gotta get a web designer for sure.
The product itself is great though. The mouse side buttons are as good as I can expect for the size, and this weight makes me feel like I'm drawing with my hand. My instincts had me lower the sensitivity by quite a bit when getting this mouse, over 2 jumps different times. It's more control over a larger area. If you've ever used kontrolfreek thumbsticks for a controller, it's the same thing where if you give more area for control, you might slow down but will definitely be more accurate once adapted. With this mouse, it's so light like a pencil. I don't feel a slowdown especially in valorant where 180s are very rare. Then the 4k hz. With my viper 8k, I can tell if I accidentally leave it at 1k Hz for a different game that can't run more. I can't tell every time with this 4k mouse. Doesn't make me hate the feature, still like having the best stuff. Just makes me wanna say you might prefer the even lighter, cheaper mouse called ace. Or if you're scared of the size, get the HTX Ace. Their weight isn't far off from this one, but a normal mouse shape. I promise the holes aren't a bother with their awesome grip tape they provide with their mouse. That's what I'll consider getting personally if my pinky floating is an actual concern later for my aim. Not a pro aimer btw, really never use aim trainers but masters in overwatch, diamond 3 in val.

Major Upgrades

A few month ago, I bought an HSK+ 4K Wireless (or the "Plus") and I liked it a lot. I liked learning how to use a fingertip grip and it has improved my aim and overall gaming performance. But the Plus had a few drawbacks that led me to switch back to a Viper as my main mouse.

Fast forward a few months and additionally, I decided to try the HSK Pro 4K Wireless (or the "Pro") as well and received it in the mail a few days ago. This is, without doubt, my favorite mouse I've ever used. It's even smaller and lighter, which allows for a true fingertip experience. But what's most exciting is that the upgraded internals used for the Pro vs. the Plus that I already had make a huge difference. There are three major improvements:

1) The left-click and right-click buttons on the new Pro are a lot more crisp and "clicky". I felt like the Plus left/right-click buttons were a little bit "mushy" or "muddy" feeling, but the Pro is the opposite. Clicks feel great and sharp! Huge upgrade! But not just those buttons, the side buttons are MUCH better as well. They are slightly more separated and much easier to locate independently of each other. They are also perfectly placed and size.... But on top of that, they too, were sort of mushy on the Plus I have but very, very crisp on the new Pro.

2) Also, the click latency is noticeably less for the Pro than it was for my Plus. I don't have an "official" way to test for click latency, but I'm very in tune to it and am able to test it with some degree of certainty by doing certain reflex aim-training tests I have saved in various aim-trainers. When latency is bad, it always shows in my scores, and when it's good, my scores go up. In this case, with the Pro, my scores are the highest ever and I'm big on mice with low click latency, so my high score using this mouse means the latency is even better than 2 other mice I have that are known for the lowest latency in the industry. Not only that, but in game, the latency using the Pro feels so much lower than it did using my Plus.

3) Lastly, the improved tracking sensor is noticeable, and I didn't expect it to be. The Pro uses the PMW 3395 and I think the Plus I have used the 3390. I didn't expect to notice a difference and I'm not 100% sure I do, but I'm about 98% sure that the tracking does, indeed, feel more accurate, a bit more snappy, and less glitchy.

All of that being said, I'm not trying to sell anyone on the Pro over the Plus, because I believe the current version of the Plus has the same upgraded internals now as well.

My overall point is that this new mouse is seriously as high-quality as it gets. It's a work of art. The Pro is the absolute perfect fingertip mouse and with these premium internals, there are no drawbacks at all in comparison with any other mouse on the market. I'm really happy I decided to try the Pro because I had no idea how much of an improvement it would be with the upgrades, nor did I realize how much easier it is to actually make a fingertip grip work by using the reduced size and weight of the Pro.

A seriously applaud G-Wolves, they have created a masterpiece! They have not only created a masterpiece, but they keep finding ways to take perfection to a new level and that's what makes this mouse so special. The attention to detail deserves commending and recommending. I don't write a lot of reviews, but this mouse warranted a thoughtful review, I hope it helps someone out there.


my negative review was the one that got deleted

not sure if this review will get deleted too. trying to give it a 4 star in hopes that it does. im the one that got the used product with missing items and they stopped responding to me. figured i would leave another one in hopes this one will warn more people that reviews ARE getting removed.

Best Fingertip Mouse on the Market PERIOD

Don't want to pay for a wired fingertip mouse that costs $400? Want to get the best fingertip experience for the money?

Get a HSK Pro.

Other mice claim to be fingertip grip friendly but they're too long and too heavy.

HSK Pro hits the proper fingertip dimensions at an affordable price.

Want the best technology? Go for the HSK Pro 4K.

Want the lightest? Get the ACE.

The main con I have with the mouse is that the side walls flex if you really try to put pressure on them, which in game naturally you shouldn't.

There's no other company giving you a specialized mouse for your different grips. Other companies will try to make mice that can cover all grips, so they end up being mediocre and end up being too heavy.

All in all, this is meant for the super enthusiast who loves to fingertip grip. No palm contact necessary, and no wire necessary either. If you want to palm/claw, go find another mouse.

Big praise to G-Wolves for doing what other mouse companies would be too scared to do.

Brendan Dwyer
Hands down best light weight mouse but room for improvement

Some of this will come down to personal choice and if you can deal with gripping a mouse this small.

Anyway I had a beer to relax and forget my usual grip (OK I had 4 beers)

After about an hour I loved the feel of the mouse. Very light and very intuitive.

Feels less like aiming with the mouse and more pointing with your finger.

Down side. A little side play in the buttons, but has little effect.

No dpi button but I never use that anyway

Micro USB... Micro would have been better but u added a magnetic adapter from aliexpress anyway.

And the off button, you need a stick or a pen to reach inside the mouse...

But I love this mouse regardless.