After Sales Service

In order to provide customers with faster and better after-sales service, we directly entrust local dealers to provide after-sales service. We have provided them with enough spare parts for after-sales service. If you are in need of quality problems and need to be repaired or replaced, please contact the dealer who sold you the mouse directly. If you encounter a bad business selling fake or forged g-wolves mouse, please directly complain with the sales platform and get multiple compensation from the sales platform. Recently, we found that there are a large number of unauthorized dealers selling fake g-wolves products on Amazon. We can only guarantee that the products we produce are authentic products sold by the following authorized dealers. Other products that are not authorized for sale are likely to be counterfeit products. We will not provide quality assurance services for the counterfeit products sold by these illegal dealers. Please purchase carefully! If you encounter difficulties, please let us know in time. We can provide you with supporting materials and help as much as possible. On the way of piracy and counterfeiting, we g-wolves are always with you!

           Reporting method:

           Beijing JingYunMaKe Technology Co., Ltd

                           February 20, 2020

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