G-Wolves Mouse Pad AirOne
G-Wolves Mouse Pad AirOne
G-Wolves Mouse Pad AirOne
G-Wolves Mouse Pad AirOne


G-Wolves Mouse Pad AirOne

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G-Wolves  Mouse  Pad

Suitable for all kinds of mice
  • 🏆Size : (W)320mm x (L)250mm x (H)4mm.
  • 🏆 Color: Black.
  • 🏆The Air One series: uses brand new lock processing to improve feel and consistency. Custom poron base and custom knitting surface using only the best materials.
  • 🏆Surface: Custom knitted cloth (Polyester) with PTFE coating. A tracking surface that blows away all traditional conventions: Traditional mousepads have all used standard tracking surfaces. This diversely multi-use surface balances both "quickness of initial movements smooth glide and poweful stopping power" coating allow the pad to be Semi water and dust proof.
  • 🏆Hardness: Very soft. functionality on a completely different level with powerful stopping capability. water washable while maintaining functionality. This technology is on a different level than old and traditional textured surfaces.
  • 🏆It is especially recommended for games with high-intensity mouse movement. Exceptional operation feeling.

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